Tron Legacy's Orchestral & Electronic Score

When you hear the name Daft Punk, the first thing you think of is decades of amazing electronic music. Well think again, French producers Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter has touched new ground with their roles as film score composers for the movie Tron Legacy. Coming from producing electronic music in a small bedroom to having their music performed by a 90-piece orchestra has proved to be an intense and challenging experience for the French Duo. 


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Transformers Sound: Autobots Roll Out

The sounds that transformers make are astonishing; sometimes it’s hard to believe that transformers are fictional characters. Hearing those transforming sounds just sound authentic as if that’s how they would sound if they were real beings. So the question is how do sound designers engineer such believable sounds to fit these massive robotic beings.  Well in an interview with Erik Aadahl on Designing Sound he explains how those unique sounds make it to the big screen. The transforming sound is an iconic brand for the Transformers franchise. The original Transformers cartoon featured a rising or falling 5 beat splatty pitch rhythm sound, which can be created through using Polyphonic synthesis. To recreate that basic transforming sound you would need a 500 Hz tone, adding a flanger plug-in to adjust the rate and create the splatty sound. Then you need to automate a pitch rise from start to finish ramping up the tone, adding a tremolo pattern, and tweaking that to get the 5-part rhythm. That’s basically how the original cartoon transforming sound was created.


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