The Magnum Opus Of EastWest

Have you ever wondered how a digital based composer developed such amazing orchestral sounds without an actual orchestra, while having access to those hard to find ethnic sounds from instruments across the globe? Well the Complete Composers Collection 2 is where the search should begin; EastWest is the resource to use for instruments of the world at an industry level. Created by founder and producer Douglas Rogers, EastWest is the number one distributor of virtual instruments software with clientele such as renowned composers Bryan Tyler, Danny Elfman, James Howard and John Powell. Complete Composers Collection 2 is composed of 7 of EastWest virtual instruments, and can have additional virtual instruments added at a discounted price. Choosing the Complete Composers Collection 2 is the most inexpensive way to obtain some of EastWest’s Libraries at more than 70% off the individual virtual instruments retail price. The standard medium for the Complete Composers Collection 2 is a 1TB external hard drive. Seeing how versatile putting together your personal collection can be I chose to go over the personal collection I gathered for the Complete Composers Collection 2. My collection choice is as follows, Hollywood Strings Gold, Hollywood Brass Gold, Ra, Silk, Ministry of Rock 2, Stormdrum 2 Bundle, Symphonic Choirs Bundle, Voices of Passion, and Symphonic Orchestra Gold.


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