Brian Tyler Fast And Furious With Groove

Composer Brian Tyler is best known for his beautiful musical pieces of cinematic orchestral scoring, melded with a groove and contemporary style. Brian has composed for over fifty films and was recently nominated for the Film Composer of the Year award by the International Film Music Critics Association. Lets focus on a movie that score stands out with the use of Brian’s groovy cinematic style of composing. Fast Five was a hit at the box office and part of that is due to Brian’s Hollywood cinematic scoring. Fast Five score was built on a combination of groove music and contemporary music. These genres of music usually don’t go together but Brian Tyler orchestrated these styles together beautifully.

Brian had a unique approach when he composed for Fast Five. He started with a percussion groove and then wrote the orchestrated parts on its own based around the groove. The theme of this film was based in Brazil, so a lot of the music involved retro tracks used for the Brazilian percussion. Most of the time for certain scenes in the movie the percussion was used alone to convey the emotion of the characters in the movie. Brian stated that while he was composing for Fast Five that the score wrote its self. All was really needed was a feel for the groove and everything else sort of fell into place. You can hear in some of the scoring for Fast Five, Brian used digital manipulation of the orchestrated music. This area of music has orchestral music chopped up in the mix to complement the Brazilian groovy percussion tracks. Brian is from a new generation of composers who merges traditional contemporary music with what he does best, grooves.  Brian’s style can be heard at its best during the Fast Five film. Here is a link to the track Fast Five which incorporates those groovy Hollywood orchestral sounds from the film.


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