Native Instruments The Ultimate Production Suite

Digital based composers develop amazing sounds but just how do they accomplish this without the use of actual instruments and synthesizers. When thinking about creating that next big sound for your project, consider checking out the ultimate production suite. Komplete 9 Ultimate is a package that delivers the entire collection of Native Instruments 65 instruments and effects through Komplete. This package encompasses a complete creative suite for audio production featuring 16,000 sounds totaling at 370 GB all placed on a single dedicated external hard drive, so no more massive disc installations. As an added bonus Komplete 9 Ultimate is the most inexpensive way to obtain Native’s libraries saving over 80% on all 65 products, compared to buying them individually.

Industry pros trust Native Instruments Komplete

So if industry pros trust Komplete, then it is a virtual sound library worth looking into. Frank Klepacki is a video game music composer and sound director best known for his work on the Command & Conquer series. Frank stated in an interview “I think Komplete is definitely a go-to for television, video games, and film” Komplete is a package that gives you all of the tools needed instruments and style that can make anything possible in the audio realm. Jacob Shea is a video game music composer and sound director who is known for his work on the Gears of War Judgment video game, and another industry Komplete Ultimate user. Jacob used Damage for the percussion aspect of Gears of War, this interface was used to bit-crush and saturate the percussion to give it a darker sound. To catch more in these amazing interviews check out the above video. Lets dive into some of the flagship products of Native.

The highlights of Komplete 9 Ultimate are their two star products Reaktor 5 and Kontakt 5. Reaktor is a modular synthesis studio that unlocks a creation of sound with unlimited programming options. Reaktor interface has over 70 unique synthesizers; sound generators, grooveboxes, sequencers and effects that are at your disposal. An added bonus to this product is that existing instruments are customizable; you can even create your own individual sound generators from scratch through the use of Reaktor’s modular architecture.

Kontakt is an vast instrument library and according to Native the industry leading sampler, this platform allows the creation of extraordinary instruments and powerful expressive sounds. Kontakt 5 paralleled to its predecessor, the interface has over 37 new filters, four new on-board studio effects, updated time stretching, and a new 16 channel instrument bus system with all-inclusive routing possibilities with integrated insert and send effects. So when you are about to begin a new project and looking for something new to bring to the table think about the ultimate production suite, Komplete 9 Ultimate by Native Instruments.


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