Video Game Music "IS" The New Film Score

Once an afterthought in terms of game design and overall music culture awareness, video game music is now an authentic industry of its own. Today, worldwide prominent orchestras perform concerts of music composed specifically for video games and features top of the line film composer soundtracks. Like the purpose of all great scored music, it's supposed to appeal to your heartstrings and drive your emotions wild. Video game music has become over this past decade so indistinguishable from scored music for films, that many have begun to envision a video game to be on the same level as a feature length film. In the past video game music was limited by its hardware but that all changed with the introduction of the CD-ROM. Furthermore, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) decided in the year 2000 to let interactive games compete in the annual Grammy awards.


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What Can Artist Management Do For Composers

You have to ask yourself, if performing artist’s use artist managers, what can an artist manager do for a music composer. Essentially promotion will be the focus in managing a composer. Due to artist managers working with various clients they have the contacts to Send your music out, talk to directors about your music catalog and look for commission project opportunities. However, for a composer like myself I prefer to employ an artist manager to handle the business aspect of my career. This will allow me to focus on the creative process, which is the music. There comes a point in a composer’s career when they know that they cannot push their skills as hard as somebody like a manager can push. When a music composer feels overwhelmed by the amount of project details and has countless commitments in a short period of time, in my opinion is where an artist manager can place their worth.


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