Negotiating For A Better You

William Ury’s Negotiating for Sustainable Agreements presentation discusses the strategies he has developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project for creating sustainable agreements in diplomacy and business. Ury discusses how much time we already dedicate to negotiation in our everyday lives. Conflict has been suppressed over the years and is now coming to the surface. We have a choice to resolve conflict through family feuds, lawsuits, and wars. Or we can deal with conflicts constructively through listening, dialogue, collaborative problem solving and non-violent actions. You can learn from Ury’s presentation that objective criteria can be used in more ways than just preventing wills from clashing. Using a third side to way in concerns for both parties can also use objective criteria to express concerns in a negotiation that can benefit all negotiators. Learning not to react and gaining the ability to listen will take any negotiation to the next level. This allows you to focus on interest and not positions to learn what is wanted and better assess the direction of a negotiation.


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