Logic Pro Cranked Up To X

When working as a music composer, beat maker, or orchestrator in the music industry during this digital age of technology DAW’s become second nature. Therefore, when you need a level of control at your fingertips look no further than Apple’s Logic Pro X. So, what is Logic Pro? Well it is a digital audio workstation that has an enormous collection of plug-ins and sounds, which can flesh out any musical idea conceivable. This DAW provides the user with the ability to compose sounds from scratch, start with a sine wave and transform it into an industry standard. This feat is accomplished with the advanced options of the sequencer in Logic Pro that lets you record, edit, and manipulate MIDI performances any way imaginable. For that orchestrator in you instantly convert MIDI data into notation within Logic Pro while still being able to edit notes extensively with input options to enter the music manually. Music notation tools with a full notation layout allowing instrument transposition, drum notation, and lyric input, this feature also allows printing of sheet music. With all of these defining features nothing else is needed in creating your next hit or single with this DAW.

Now that Logic Pro is cranked up to X what can be expected of the new Logic layout and interface. Well, for one The Logic Remote app lets your iPad or iPad mini wirelessly pair with your Mac, giving you the freedom to control Logic Pro from anywhere in the room. The Logic Remote app forwards many possibilities to the user, such as mobile auditioning of your tracks and audio mixing your sound. Logic Remote gives you all the controls needed to macro and micro mix right from the vocal booth.

That is not all, what else does being cranked up to X offer the user? Track stacks, this cool new feature keeps your sessions better organized through consolidating related tracks into one group track. For example, you have multiple guitars such as a lead GTR, a lead GTR2, an acoustic GTR, and a bass GTR; this feature will place all of those tracks into a stack under a single new track format. This feature will even allow you to route the track stack to an auxiliary track for submixing, thus giving the user better management of the session while keeping sections of the session well organized. Getting your music out to the masses has never been easier. 

With Logic Pro X you can now upload songs to your SoundCloud account right from your session. The media browser in Logic Pro X lets you effortlessly move assets to Final Cut Pro X or other Apple related apps. This is all thanks to the support of the MusicXML format in Logic. If you have compositions that are organized with markings and enhancements will now transfer over to other notation software applications completely intact. The biggest new feature that has always been a fan favorite in Avid’s Pro Tools is flex pitch. With flex pitch you can practically never get stuck on a performance, you can now fine-tune the pitch in your audio tracks. Smooth out, add, or increase vibrato. Or even create or remove pitch slides between notes. This can all be done constantly without switching tools, just hover over any wave form you wan to edit and begin to flex pitch. So now that you know the power of being cranked up to X with Apples Logic Pro, what will you be using it for in your sessions.


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