Logic Pro Cranked Up To X

When working as a music composer, beat maker, or orchestrator in the music industry during this digital age of technology DAW’s become second nature. Therefore, when you need a level of control at your fingertips look no further than Apple’s Logic Pro X. So, what is Logic Pro? Well it is a digital audio workstation that has an enormous collection of plug-ins and sounds, which can flesh out any musical idea conceivable. This DAW provides the user with the ability to compose sounds from scratch, start with a sine wave and transform it into an industry standard. This feat is accomplished with the advanced options of the sequencer in Logic Pro that lets you record, edit, and manipulate MIDI performances any way imaginable. For that orchestrator in you instantly convert MIDI data into notation within Logic Pro while still being able to edit notes extensively with input options to enter the music manually. Music notation tools with a full notation layout allowing instrument transposition, drum notation, and lyric input, this feature also allows printing of sheet music. With all of these defining features nothing else is needed in creating your next hit or single with this DAW.


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Native Instruments The Ultimate Production Suite

Digital based composers develop amazing sounds but just how do they accomplish this without the use of actual instruments and synthesizers. When thinking about creating that next big sound for your project, consider checking out the ultimate production suite. Komplete 9 Ultimate is a package that delivers the entire collection of Native Instruments 65 instruments and effects through Komplete. This package encompasses a complete creative suite for audio production featuring 16,000 sounds totaling at 370 GB all placed on a single dedicated external hard drive, so no more massive disc installations. As an added bonus Komplete 9 Ultimate is the most inexpensive way to obtain Native’s libraries saving over 80% on all 65 products, compared to buying them individually.


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