The Magnum Opus Of EastWest

Have you ever wondered how a digital based composer developed such amazing orchestral sounds without an actual orchestra, while having access to those hard to find ethnic sounds from instruments across the globe? Well the Complete Composers Collection 2 is where the search should begin; EastWest is the resource to use for instruments of the world at an industry level. Created by founder and producer Douglas Rogers, EastWest is the number one distributor of virtual instruments software with clientele such as renowned composers Bryan Tyler, Danny Elfman, James Howard and John Powell. Complete Composers Collection 2 is composed of 7 of EastWest virtual instruments, and can have additional virtual instruments added at a discounted price. Choosing the Complete Composers Collection 2 is the most inexpensive way to obtain some of EastWest’s Libraries at more than 70% off the individual virtual instruments retail price. The standard medium for the Complete Composers Collection 2 is a 1TB external hard drive. Seeing how versatile putting together your personal collection can be I chose to go over the personal collection I gathered for the Complete Composers Collection 2. My collection choice is as follows, Hollywood Strings Gold, Hollywood Brass Gold, Ra, Silk, Ministry of Rock 2, Stormdrum 2 Bundle, Symphonic Choirs Bundle, Voices of Passion, and Symphonic Orchestra Gold.

For those of us who enjoy that rich orchestral sound without an actual orchestra, then the Symphonic Orchestra Gold and Symphonic Choirs Bundle are just what you need. Symphonic Orchestra Gold is a 16-BIT 33GB library of sounds recorded in close a mic position and houses an intuitive custom interface. The Performance section of this library includes play styles such as Portamento, Repetition, Legato, and Round Robin Reset. In addition, Convolution Reverb with pre-delay and additional Master control can be used to route reverb to all instruments in an instance. As for the Symphonic Choirs Bundle many of the same features transferred to this virtual instrument library from Symphonic Orchestra Gold. However, the New WordBuilder software is an added feature that makes this the best choir instrument to have at your disposal. WordBuilder is word-building software that enables Symphonic Choir users to type in words for the Choirs to sing, giving versatility of an actual choir in a MIDI DAW setting. For those of use who want that extra kick of orchestral sound that is used throughout Hollywood, then here is your chance. Hollywood Strings Gold and Hollywood Brass Gold are both virtual library collections that were recorded at EastWest Studio 1, the same studio where many big Hollywood soundtracks and television themes took place with live orchestras.

On behalf of those skilled music composers who need ethnic sounds, then Voices of Passion, Ra, and Silk, are the virtual instrument sound libraries of your wildest dreams. Voices of Passion is a sound library with over 7 GBs of vocals from Female Vocalists from Wales, Syria, India, Bulgaria and America. There are over 1000 ethnic phrases from singers who were recorded with a Telefunken Elam 251 and a RCA 44 ribbon microphone for tonal variation. Ra is a sound library that offers music composers an array of unique instruments from Africa, Europe, India, the Americas, Australia, the Far East, the Middle East and Turkish Empires. While, Silk on the other hand offers remarkable and detailed Silk Road instruments from China, Persia and India. The most ambitious ethnic instrument ever created from EastWest

Lastly, from my Complete Composers Collection 2-bundle Ministry of Rock 2 and Stormdrum 2 Bundle are great additions to any collection with various styles of guitar and numerous percussion sounds, Essential for film, TV, and interactive video game projects. Ministry of Rock 2 houses various virtual instruments from drum kits to guitars and bass guitars. MR2 features legato bass and guitar samples with legato and staccato repetitions. This sound library consists of Octaplus Toms, Ayotte, Ludwig and Gretch drum kits. Additionally, the bass guitar consists of a Fender P-Bass, a Fender 5 String, Specter, Kubiki and a Musicman. While the guitars consist of a Fender Telecaster, a Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul Standard and Deluxe, Ibanez Universe 7 and PRS. Stormdrum 2 Bundle on the other hand is an acoustic percussion based virtual instrument that is essential for use with film, TV, and interactive video game projects. Stormdrum 2 has stunningly recorded sounds that range from those big huge powerful and punchy sounds, to those smaller appropriately delicate and elusive sounds. In closing when you are working on a project and need that all around go to sound library, look no further than to EastWest.


I was very impressed with the way you have your blog displayed, it is very clean, organized and straight to the point.I also enjoyed reading you'r blog post "The Magnum Opus of East West".This was a very interesting topic that you chose and you covered some very interesting points.In regards of software packages such as Composer's collection 2 I agree with you that this is one of the most inexpensive ways to go if you are someone who is a fan of collecting orchestral instruments for production.With todays technology it is very hard to tell if you have used a sound from a sound library or just captured it the old fashion way, which was in a recording studio.Since most of todays musical projects run on lower budgets then what they use to years ago, producers have been able to collaborate with orchestral bands that are located out of the states without having to leave the recording studio.With todays technology producers are able to record orchestral bands live from a live stream off the web.With this technology the music industry has been able to save thousands of dollars by avoiding the hassle of having musicians fly out etc.I will definitely be looking into putting some money aside in order to purchase this lovely device.Keep up the great work!

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Carlos G

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Hey Kevin,

I definitely like the layout template that you used for your blog. It's visually appealing, easy to read and navigate, and overall a blog website that everyone can enjoy. I enjoyed reading your thorough review of The Magnum Opus of EastWest. The blog is very informative and the visual images of each product helps in understand the product and what each software instrument bundle holds. Of course nothing beats the sound of recording live instruments, however some companies have been able to get pretty accurate and true to the sounds of instruments. There are many software instrument bundles that are out for purchase. What makes this bundle more unique that Native Instruments plug-ins or a Waves Master Collection? What does The Magnum Opus of EastWest have that is different and unique that sets them apart from the rest of the competition?

- Reeza

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