The Beach Boys Pet Sounds

The Beach Boys are an American rock band brought together by Brian Wilson in 1961. The group was composed of brothers Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and Friend Al Jardine. The Beach Boys were known for their unique surfer theme, close vocal harmony and story driven lyrics, prior to recording their eleventh studio album Pet Sounds.

Brian Wilson is part-time lead vocalist, most often backing vocals within The Beach Boys. Brian was also the brain behind all the arrangement, songwriting and innovative production of their albums. The release of The Beatles U.S version of the Rubber Soul album inspired Brian immensely in the creation of the Pet Sounds album. Filled with inspiration Brian contacted Tony Asher, young lyricist and jingle writer to collaborate on the songs for the Pet Sounds album.

What set Pet Sounds apart from other Popular recordings of the mid 1960’s was the freedom to experiment with new sounds and techniques. Brian had techniques he used  to make his music unique, he also had certain sounds that he considered his favorites that he used in his productions. From time to time Brian would use different studios to record portions of his songs for the sound and effect, later cutting tape and piecing them together to compile a pop masterpiece.

 As a listener Pet Sounds is a remarkable piece of work. It leaves you wanting more, the arrangement, harmony, counterpoint melodies and production personality set this album apart from the usual surfing style music from The Beach Boys. As an industry professional you have to admire Brian for his creativity in producing these amazing effects and styles with his music, that today we use with just a press of a button. That show's how brilliant of a producer Brian Wilson really is, he laid the foundation for most music producers today with his creativity. Which is why, I can never forget the experience I gained just from hearing The Beach Boys Pet Sounds album.


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