The Beatles Revolver


The Beatles were an English rock band during the 1960’s to the 70’s and one of the most successful groups in the history of Pop culture. The Beatles are best known for their love ballads prior to gaining the confidence to experiment new sonic territory, lyrical subjects,and styles of composition. Those new bold styles were used to create their greatest achievement, The Revolver album.

The Beatles had many influences during the creation of The Revolver album, one of many being LSD, which inspired the track She Said, She Said while having a conversation with Peter Fonda on a LSD trip. Another influence while creating Revolver was high taxes,the track Taxman inspired George Harrison when he found out about paying taxes.

The studio for The Beatles was like a playground of creativity from The Beatles innovative use of technology. The creative use of loading tape the wrong way around to make it play backwards,artificial doubling sounds, Filtering vocals through a Leslie speaker cabinet,and compressing the drums to make them bigger and bolder. The Beatles also used instruments unconventional for rock music at that time,

The Revolver as a listener left me wondering what other great music I was missing out on from this decade. After hearing the Revolver album I felt closer to the Beatles and how they felt about life. Mostly every track had a story and it was told beautifully with innovative instrumentation and production. I could hear in this album much inspiration from their musical competition such as the Beach Boys. I am glad to have had the chance to hear such a great accomplishment from a group with such technological advancement in the 1960’s it just leaves me with so much hope for the future of music. As an industry professional I felt much inspiration for creating new material from hearing the detail of production and skill from the psychedelic Beatles masterpiece called the Revolver.


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