What Can Artist Management Do For Composers

You have to ask yourself, if performing artist’s use artist managers, what can an artist manager do for a music composer. Essentially promotion will be the focus in managing a composer. Due to artist managers working with various clients they have the contacts to Send your music out, talk to directors about your music catalog and look for commission project opportunities. However, for a composer like myself I prefer to employ an artist manager to handle the business aspect of my career. This will allow me to focus on the creative process, which is the music. There comes a point in a composer’s career when they know that they cannot push their skills as hard as somebody like a manager can push. When a music composer feels overwhelmed by the amount of project details and has countless commitments in a short period of time, in my opinion is where an artist manager can place their worth.

Another facet of using an artist manager stems from when you’re considered a relative new composer. In today’s industry it is hard to get anyone to listen to your work without already being industry relevant. So as a new composer how can you bridge the gap between your work and an industry professional? You guessed it right; you can have an artist manager on the payroll to bridge that gap. Even when a composer is well known in the industry there is a need for someone to advocate for them cause there is always directors and orchestras who do not know who you are. Another benefit for a composer using an artist manager is that a manager can have social prerogative to speak more freely and push harder stakeholders and potential stakeholders because it’s their job. As a composer your skill may allow you to speak with many people but as a manager, they can speak to twice as many people as a composer can. For example, you would love to score the next X-Men film but don’t have a connection with the director. That is another avenue the manager can tread through; there may be people involved in the film that the manager works with regularly. So what can artist management do for composers? Well they can become the manager, the agent as well as the business. This will allow you to concentrate on what they should be concentrating on, writing music.



I would just like to first say that I LOVE the way that you have your blog set up and found it very enjoyable to look through. Everything that you have posted goes along with your original theme and is something that I think you should continue writing after you are done here at Full Sail! The post that I most enjoyed reading today was, “What Can Artist Management do for Composers?” I found it very interesting simply because most people do not realize that composers need managers too. In essence, they are an artist just like any other artist in the industry; however, they don’t necessarily always perform the music they write. A composer would need a manager in order to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and to take care of the business side of work. Even though the composer is giving up a commission to the manager for getting him the deals, he can concentrate on writing more music, which is more than worth it in my mind. Furthermore, the networking extension that you get with hiring a manager could potentially be exponential. They have lived and worked their whole life to build connections in the industry where as you have just built your skills as a composer. This extra networking could come in really handy for a composer that is just starting out and even one that has been in the industry for a few years. The more people you know, the more potential clients and opportunities, which means more potential money there is to make! After taking a look at your blog and reviewing your research, I would suggest that you add more media to your blog. This will entice readers to stay on the page longer and could potentially make them a repeat reader. Overall, I really liked your blog and will keep checking back for new content!


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